Company Registration Cost and Process in Bangladesh

Company Registration Flowchart in Bangladesh

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Stage-01: Preparing Memorandum of Article

Professional Fee: $ 800

(1) Particulars, Photo, Passport and Tax Registration (eTin) Certificate of Shareholders/Directors

(2) Legal Address of the proposed company

(3) Five proposed names of the company

(4) Paid-Up Capital amount and Share Percentages of each shareholder

Timeline: 7 working days

Note: We will provide you the draft copy of the said MOA for your review.

Stage-02: Temporary Bank Account Opening

Package Cost: $ 500 (inclusive)

Notes:  Opening a bank account is required before placing the MOA for the Registration. Foreign directors will have to remit investment equal to the shares from his country to the account. Then the Bank issues an Encashment Certificate.

Timeline: Depends on remit process

Stage-03 (Final Stage) Registration

Package Cost: $ 2600 (inclusive)

Timeline: 15 working days


Post Registration



Trade License


Tax Registration


VAT Registration


Notes: Minimum Capital Requirement:  There is no official minimum capital requirement in Bangladesh. For this reason, $1 is considered the minimum capital contribution. However, investors should keep in mind that they need to make an inward remittance of no less than $50,000 if they intend to hire foreign employees.

Notes: Authorized Capital: It is the maximum amount of share capital that the company is authorized to issue (allocate) to shareholders. Part of the authorized capital can remain unissued. There is no minimum or maximum limit for authorized capital in Bangladesh

Notes: Paid-up Capital: Minimum paid-up capital for registration of a Bangladeshi company is USD 1. Paid-up capital (also known as share capital) can be increased any time after the incorporation of the company.

Notes: Shareholders: Minimum of 2 and maximum of 50 shareholders. The shareholder can be a person or another legal entity such as another company. 100% local or foreign shareholding is allowed in most sectors. New shares can be issued or existing shares can be transferred to another person any time.

Notes: Registered Address: In order to register a company in Bangladesh, you must provide a local address as the registered address of the company. The registered address must be a physical address (can be either a residential or commercial address) and cannot be a P.O. Box


Contact Person
J.A. Chaudhury Reagan

Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh

Contact Person
J.A. Chaudhury Reagan

Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh